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6,300 viewers! Woo! Added a blog. 11/18/22

Site reached 5,500 viewers! Just because I am not updating the website does not mean I have abandoned. I will update when I get files I want to post. You can always suggest in the comments section. 11/1/22

Site reached 4,000 viewers! 8/18/22

Added comment section. 8/17/22

Remade the entire fucking site. 8/16/22

Site reached 3,000 viewers! 8/16/22

Download added, small html improvements, added buttons and a different song! 8/16/22

Few more downloads added. 7/8/22

Added some links when you click on download names to txt files explaining the thing you are clicking. 6/13/22

Added some links, organized a little, added things. 6/12/22

Site reached 2,000 viewers! 6/2/22

Added 18 more books on request and 2 more links. 5/7/22

Added blog section because I need something more to do. 5/7/22

Added Fun on the Internets section, added 8 more links and 4 more books. 5/6/22

Fixed some minor things like font sizing, line spacing, added dividers to books section. 5/4/22

Site reached 1,000 viewers. Yipee! 5/2/22

Added 12 more links and a seperate section for books. Cleaned up a bunch of stuff. Contact me on Discord for more suggestions to books. 5/2/22

Added 3 more links and added a navigation on the top. Fixed something.
Once there are too many links for the main page alone I will create seperate subdomains for each category. 5/2/22

Added seperate page for changelog and contacts. 5/1/22

Added 2 more links and added some music! I do not plan on adding pirated video games. Fixed background. 5/1/22

Added some images and added downloads for 3 more file collections. Click the cat! 4/30/22

Website created. (I have no prior experience in coding) 4/29/22

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